These styles are practiced with bare feet only.Otherwise wear comfortable and appropriate training attire. For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you will need a Jiu Jitsu GI (Kimono). We can provide one for your free trial class only. We carry all sizes for the trial class. We also AMMMA branded Gi’s available for purchase at the gym.

Clean indoor running shoes, boxing or wrestling shoes along with comfortable and appropriate attire for training.

Sorry, no. We offer free trial classes so your child will know if he or she likes it. We run the children’s programs because we believe it has value to the community. Still, there are some tricky logistics to teaching a roomful of kids martial arts. That’s why these classes are smaller than our adult classes. Aside from martial arts techniques, your child will learn discipline, confidence, and respect and the first step is to be committed to the class, even when the going gets hard. Their commitment engenders good work habits in them and helps us maintain the quality of classes you’ve grown to expect.

Our kids and teens programs are synced up with the regular school year. The fall sessions are from mid-September to mid-December. The winter/spring sessions run a month longer and go from mid-January to the end of May.

To make sure that the children are a good fit with the classes, we require that they all take a trial class before committing. We want to give them a taste of how much fun it is, but also how much work is involved. This also allows them to try out the boxing and jiu-jitsu streams and see which one they like best.

There are two choices. If you have a credit card, we can arrange monthly payments. Otherwise the session must be paid in full at the time of registration, by cash, debit, or e-transfer. If you need to speak privately regarding payment options, please contact us before the session begins. We won’t have as much time once classes start.

Yes, no problem. Your child will have to enroll in both programs.

Yes. When the coach is confident that your child knows the techniques required by the curriculum, he will invite them to the belt test. The test is held downtown, usually twice a year, at the Brazilian Top Team Canada headquarters (our proud BJJ affiliate). There is a small fee for the test and the child will need to be wearing the Brazilian Top Team gi (uniform) during the test.