Want to be a Fighter?

Want to be a fighter? At Angry Monkey MMA, we pride ourselves on the quality and dedication of the fighters and coaches on our team. We offer the support and training to help you reach your potential and turn you into the best fighter you can be.

What do you need to do? Simple. Show up.

You train your heart out, and then you train some more. You leave everything on the mat. Pure dedication and commitment.

In practical terms, Justin will evaluate your current abilities and work with you to create a training program. It is very physically demanding. We take the basis of technique you learn in our group classes and test it in a rigorous regime of sparring and physical conditioning. Competition demands a level of athleticism that is only within reach of those who have the discipline and the desire to work hard week in and week out, train through and around injuries, and keep a good attitude about it. If you have that, you might have what it takes to become a serious amateur or professional competitor.

Sometimes we think of martial arts competitions as being one person against an opponent. The truth is that each individual represents a team, a team of people who helped them get that far. You are representing your style, your gym, your training team, and your coach. We expect that all members of our competition team have an understanding and appreciation of good sportsmanship and know that the fight is never more important than the people who helped make it happen. We train with self-control, in victory and defeat. Ask yourself, what kind of role models do you have? And, one day, what kind of role model do you want to be?

Contact us if you want to join one of the hardest working (yet merciful) and--oh yeah--fun competition teams in the city.

We also have competition teams for our youth programs and BJJ.