Are you ready to make some lifestyle changes? If so, we invite you to work with the best trainers in Montreal. Our team of certified coaches all have years of experience making training something to look forward to.

What are your goals? Do you want to learn how to box? Lose weight? Blow off some steam? Get in the zone? Or do you simply want to increase your conditioning level, and fine-tune your body? We are your gym.

We’ll give you clear feedback, help you with accountability and goal setting, while motivating you to achieve your full potential.

If you like, book a session with a friend or a loved one and the time will fly by.

Depending on your requirements, a typical personal training session may start with some cardio, include time in the ring, some weight lifting, and abdominal work. Whatever program you choose, we’ll keep it varied. In every session, you’ll have access to all of our high quality training equipment, an exceptionally tidy and clean gym, private showers, lockers for your personal items, and great music and atmosphere. A bottle of water or electrolyte drink comes with each session.

One Person
for 1 hour
$650 for a 10 session bundle

2 People
$85 for 1 hour
$800 for a 10 session bundle (2 people)

3 People
$100 for 1 hour
$950 for a 10 session bundle (3 people)

4 People
$115 for 1 hour
$1100 for a 10 session bundle (4 people)

All sessions must be paid in advance & can be paid directly to your trainer.
Taxes are included in the prices.
Head Trainer Fee’s (Justin) are slightly higher than the fee above.

Private Training Policies:

  1. To cancel a private session, clients must contact their trainer at least 36 hours ahead of the scheduled session, otherwise they will be charged for the full session.
  2. Your  session must be fully paid before booking the time. If you chose a 10 session package, you must pay it in full prior to the first session.
  3. Punctuality is important to the smooth running of our business. As such, if the client is over 20 minutes late, that is considered a cancellation unless you call ahead and let us know. In any case, the session will end at the time originally booked.