Founder • Head Striking Coach

Justin has been helping fighters, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts reach their goals for years. Whether he’s training his rapidly growing fight team or teaching group classes, his favourite approach is to blend boxing and Muay Thai with conditioning. Known for his energy, passion, good sense of humour, and work ethic, Justin is a coach with experience in competitive grappling and mixed martial arts. He has travelled internationally to train with world-class coaches including Dickie Eukland, Sean Thompkins, Martin Kampmann, Mark Delagrotte, Mike Passenier and the legendary “El Guapo” Bas Rutten. Bas Rutten said of Justin: “It’s refreshing to meet people like Justin, people who come in to train and actually really want to learn and become better teachers.” Justin firmly believes that if a coach is not learning, he's not doing his job. That's why, whenever he gets the chance, Justin likes to travel and train with the best coaches in the sport.


Head Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach

Alexandre is well loved and respected by his students. Many of them call him Brock because of his enthusiasm for teaching and his good nature. He brings his extensive knowledge and experience in competition to each class and he makes sure each student receives individual attention. He got into martial arts as a fan of MMA (particularly of Fedor Emelianenko and Bas Rutten), and he started his training in Muay Thai. While recovering from a leg injury, he tried BJJ. At that first BJJ class, he weighed 300 pounds and was impressed when someone, half his weight, submitted him five times in seven minutes. That experience gave him the drive to learn all he could about the sport. He says that he loves encountering other people’s styles and figuring out how to react to them. This same view--that all students have their own game and way of learning--guides his teaching. He says he hopes that in five years dedicated practitioners will have found how they move and think and react. For each student, this may be different than how his or her friends develop their BJJ. This is why he likes to see students who are motivated and patient and, above all, who can train intensely without injuring others.



Conny is an amateur boxer in the classic sense of the word. She loves the sport. Since discovering boxing in 2009, she has boxed competitively and become a boxing coach. She has over 20 amateur fights already under her belt and these days is training with Canadian boxing legend Ian Clyde to build on her plans to go pro in the near future. What hasn’t changed is her love of boxing. As a teen, Conny tried a cardio class to lose weight and get healthier. The class wasn't what she was looking for but, at the same gym, she saw two fighters working pads. Once she tried the pads, she was instantly hooked. She asked them where the boxing gym was and the rest is history. She says that, “being the only girl at that boxing gym, it motivated me to prove to the other fighters that I can accomplish the same thing as them.” Conny says that she was often the last person at the gym because “for very first time in my life, it made me feel that I was in a safe place, it gave the power to believe in myself, to have a clear mindset.” What drives her to teach are students who want to learn more about authentic boxing, who respect the sport, and who enjoy being trained and pushing their limits. She knows that, no matter your size or weight or gender, nothing can stop you if you work hard enough and with enough focus on your goals.

All trainers are certified, experienced and have CPR and/or First Aid.