About Kids Martial Arts

Community and family are central to what we are about at Angry Monkey Mixed Martial Arts. In cultures around the world and throughout history, martial arts have been a key component to the physical, mental and moral development of our children as they grow into adults. Traditionally, martial arts divide into arts that focus on striking and those that focus on grappling. At Angry Monkey, we represent these in our Muay Thai classes.

In this class, your children will develop coordination, body awareness, and spatial learning. Muay Thai help children develop strength and improve their endurance while getting children to focus on the details of their sport. The class develops self-confidence, fitness, coordination, socialization, mental focus, discipline, goal setting and attainment. These are attributes that our students carry with them into their everyday lives. The choice between them is often personal and intuitive.

Kids Boxing

In our Boxing for Kids classes, children learn how to maintain their stance, and their guard. At the same time, they learn how to use correct body mechanics to throw punches such as the jab, the hook, the cross, and the uppercut with speed and power. The classes include shadow boxing, bag and pad work, partner drills, and exercises for strengthening the core. Our youth boxing classes are non-contact.

5-7 year old: 45 minutes

WHAT TO WEAR: Clean indoor running shoes, boxing or wrestling shoes along with comfortable and appropriate training attire.

Kids Muay Thai

Muay Thai is considered by many as the most effective striking system with a recent surge of popularity. This wonderful sport originates from Thailand and is known as "The art of 8 limbs" for it's use of elbows and knees, along with punches and kicks. Angry Monkey offers a comprehensive youth Muay Thai program for kids (8+ yrs) and Teens. Because of it's ability to keep children motivated and goal oriented, Angry Monkey has adopted a Muay Thai ranking system that has gained popularity in the western countries. Children and Adults alike appreciate rewards for their hard work and dedication. It serves as a great measuring tool as they develop their skillset. The Prajiad (arm band) has a deep spiritual significance in Thailannd. It has been said that a mother would tie a piece of her clothing to her young warrior's arm to help bring them back safely and ward off evil spirits. Since then The Prajiad has made its way around the world through competitions and Muay Thai Clubs. Muay Thai will instill confidence, respect, discipline, motivation in your child while he/she is having fun, getting fit & making new friends.

CLASS LENGTH: 55 minutes - 2x week
9-12 year olds

WHAT TO WEAR: These classes are done with no shoes, bare feet only. Otherwise wear comfortable and appropriate training attire.