Gym Rules


  • Show up on time (means 10-15 min early). Nothing says "my time is more important than yours" by being late.
  • No gym bags in or around the training area. We have lockers, please use them.
  • No outdoor shoes on the mat. We keep this place cleaner than the Vatican.
  • Buy your own gear and bring it to class. Don't be cheap.
  • Wash, air-out and sanitize your equipment. Don't be a stinker.
  • No socks, no hats in Muay Thai class.
  • Don’t talk when the Coach is talking. It's a good way to earn burpees.
  • Don’t spar at 100%. The goal is to train every day and develop our skills until we become next level ninjas.
  • Respect everyone, no egos. No exceptions. AMMMA is for everyone to enjoy.
  • Trim finger and toenails regularly, serious injuries can occur.
  • Don’t correct people if you’re not a coach.
  • Don’t come to class if you’re feeling sick or fever symtoms.
  • No locks on lockers over night. Coach J will gladly cut them off and place your things in the Lost and Found.

MUAY THAI LEVEL 1 , 2 & 3:

  • You must have proper Muay Thai shin guards, not "$5 long socks" you found at some thrift store on Wellington.
  • Muay Thai level 2 & 3 members must have knee pads and elbow pads.


  • Come to class in properly washed and dried Gi. This is important!
  • Tie your hair back if it is long.
  • Do not roll wearing jewelry, rings, necklaces, etc.
  • Secure any Band-Aids with tape. Band-Aids alone will come off during training.
  • Wear appropriate training attire for under your Gi.

Weight Room / Cardio Room:

  • Respect the equipment and machines.
  • Place equipment back to its proper place. We keep things in order here.
  • Remove weights (plates) from your bar after use. Place the bar on the wall rack as well.
  • Disinfect your equipment / machines after you use it.

Most of all: Be awesome, train hard. Be dedicated, consistent and show love &
respect to your fellow Monkeys.

These classes are done with NO shoes (bare feet only). Otherwise, wear comfortable and appropriate training attire. For Jiu Jitsu, you will need Gi (Kimono). We can provide one for your free trial class only (we have all sizes). We also sell AMMMA branded Gi’s at the gym, available to all students.

Clean indoor running shoes, boxing or wrestling shoes along with comfortable and appropriate training gear.

We clean the entire gym, top to bottom, daily. This includes the mats, the showers, the change rooms, the entire floorspace.

There are about 25-30 lockers in each change room. We don’t sell locks, but there are a lot of other businesses around that can help you out there. For example, there’s a pharmacy across the street and a dollar store on the next block.

Yes, we sell everything you need. You can buy Angry Monkey T-shirts, rash guards, fight shorts, and gym bags from us. We also have gloves, shin guards, hand wraps, hoodies, electrolyte drinks, and water. Let us know if you want to buy a Jiu-Jitsu gi.

This depends on your level. For example, if you’ve never done Muay Thai before, we suggest you start with the introductory class unless you have a lot experience in related styles. You might also consider taking a few private sessions with our coaches to assess your level and get up to speed. For classes with only one level, everyone is very welcome, from beginners to pros.

It’s what we call the practice at the end of each class. Many people look forward to this the most. It’s when you put what you’ve learned into action. Don’t worry if you haven’t learned that much yet. We’ve all been there. Just communicate with your partners and let them know your limits.

No. BTT is an affiliate and we are proud of our long and happy relationship with their teachers. We are very pleased that our students can advance through their ranking system and exams and that we can compete under their affiliation. But it ends there. If you want to train at their dojos, you have to make arrangements with them.   

No. It’s invitation only so you need to get approval from the head coach. Please come out to an introductory class so we can evaluate your level.

Open Gym is access to the training equipment in the gym. Drop in during open gym and create your own workout. Get your cardio going on our top-of-the-line Matrix Treadmill or Precor Elliptical and hit any of the 25+ heavy bags we have up. We also have a good collection of free weights, kettlebells, and machines.

Open Gym has no additional cost if you have an active membership (Boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ or Women’s KB) and is available during business hours – which includes a weight room, heavy bags and cardio equipment. For you to enjoy!

Absolutely! We suggest you come in and train with our $20 unlimited day pass. With that, you can come to as many classes as you have stamina (and experience) for in a single day, plus you have access to Open Gym. Don’t forget to shower after. We have beautiful individual shower rooms!  

Yeah. It’s true. We love all 14 of them! We also have a lot of Muay Thai pads, kick shields and medicine balls for the classes but those are a little less batcave.

This is an important question. The short answer is that you should get some protein and carbs into your system and that’s ideal to do within about 45 minutes if you want to maximize recovery (or at least two hours, depending on when you last ate). Some research suggests that a 3-to-1 balance of carbs to protein will maximize glycogen storage (the way your body stores carbs for quick access during exercise) and protein synthesis so you’re ready for your next workout. (See this page and the links there for more details.) An electrolyte drink may also help control your post-workout cravings.

Everybody has to find what works for them but it’s best to eat something before training. A good example is a bagel with almond butter and some slices of banana. That gives you some protein and slow release carbs. Training on an empty stomach is tough and generally makes recovery longer and harder. Once you figure out what works best for to eat before and after training, you’ll have the energy to get back to the gym the next day. A balanced diet and going easy on alcohol definitely helps recovery. (Yes, they’ve even studied this pretty-obvious-thing in Exercise Science research.)

Yes, there is a private shower in each of the change rooms.

Well, this depends on your fitness, your overall size and weight, and the intensity of the class itself. But, for example, according to Harvard Health Publications, there was a study of a Women’s Kickboxing class and they found that a 125-pound woman burned about 600 calories in a one-hour kickboxing class. In the same class, someone who was 155 pounds burned about 744 calories, and someone weighing 185 pounds burned about 888 calories. (For more information, see this page)

Angry Monkey first opened its doors on the Lachine Canal on rue Saint-Patrick in May of 2014, and opened its current location on November 27th of 2017. Owner and founder of Angry Monkey, Justin Etheridge, worked hard for many years on construction sites to earn his living. At the end of his long shifts, he would sprint home and then go out to a gym, to train late into the night in Muay Thai, boxing, BJJ, and wrestling. He prides himself on his work ethic and his passion for the game. When he felt he was ready, he left construction and opened his own gym. The construction came in handy though because he had the experience and skills for the renovations. Not only did he build a business, he literally built the gym! Justin worked tirelessly, day and night, to achieve his dream of creating a place that would reflect his personal values, character and determination. AMMMA is a gym for everyone, for the everyday, hard-working person, for the aspiring athlete and, most certainly, a place for those who need a little help reaching their goals.

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